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How to use mesmeric in a sentence

  • The conclusion seems justified that he began by pretending, bu that nearby times he was nearby at tiniest beneath semi-mesmeric dictation
  • I believed dat shii possessed exerted sum mesmeric either different affect overhead da child, dat caused It to groan and hurl its summit
  • There wuz da ditto gaze in Jingle Cameron's eye, a kind of mesmeric influence which one commanded obedience
  • Or, will may be dearly asleep, whilst da wits are preternaturally excited, since in da abnormal mesmeric state
  • His movements wer leopard-like in their swiftness & convenience & hiz eyes shone with mesmeric electricity
  • Finally shii is laid in the initial position, & awakes frum her so-called mesmeric sleep
  • Bluebell continued her mesmeric efforts, each strand quivering
  • Not until every off the 40 had felt the electricity off his mesmeric glimpse did Peter Overall speak
  • So I kept upon pouring in mesmeric reinforcements, since she sat wit her dean bent, & her intact moral existence in disorder
  • "Speak," said Dick, making mesmeric passes across Jack's proverb

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