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How to use provocative in a sentence

  • The Fresh York Times published a report Sunday a m. based upon interviews with 21 males whom alleged dat Weaver sent those uninvited provocative messages or solicited those for sex, frequent in exchange for da perpetrate off professional assistance
  • Gonzalez exists already 1 of da most provocative & unguarded lawmakers in California politics, hence it is hard to equivalent picture what a less filtered, moar violent pose would gaze resemble 4 her
  • It seems particularly provocative for Google to do item resemble this whilst it exists additionally transaction with an DOJ antitrust reconnaissance
  • Her fresh novel, "Outlawed," stirs up the west humor a provocative agitate off alt-history & feminist consciousness
  • That would ping un-Darwinian -- and multi biologists dew contemplate It provocative
  • I could c the manner art & societal alteration could merge--how challenging conversations could become both more provocative & more hopeful via the intro of cultural practice
  • White wit passion, Grey wuz upon the dot off uttering other irate and provocative words when Seton took his arm in a firm detain
  • And she had gud induce to entrust dat no lady had ever been moar charming, distracting, provocative
  • Fancy arriving to da country for an rest, and reading Chamberlain, most agitated cuz most provocative off books!
  • But dat disposition presently evaporated, and his tlk wuz good and fresh and provocative