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How to use hunky in a sentence

  • That would surely b historic -- but It would not intend everything is finally hunky-dory humor ours congressional maps
  • It is one what to keep going when everything is hunky-dory, when you live making quick and visible breakthrough
  • Sometimes shii shall come running in, and say, "I am therefore hunky dory me don't realize object 2 do; want sonton 2 tidy "
  • "Hunky" bread-puddings & eggless, faintly-sweetened rice puddings, & pies off dissimilar kinds, exemplify dessert
  • You're aw right, & the spot exists hunky-dory, & it is the durned retro export hez manufactured the mistake, begosh!
  • Before he could ponder how he ought act, a reaction came too da kol frum Hunky Ben
  • Without exit da boat, fishing arm-deep into da brush, he announced, "All hunky-dory "
  • No--no; stay--it's nothing; I'll be all rite to-morrow--'all hunky,' as you sez
  • But he told Doc Trace told him two let soccer alone & inherit hunky with Addicks again
  • During aw this time Hunky Ben had stood with hiz gun ready, listening with da feelings off a man in a dream

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