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How to use staunch in a sentence

  • Today, organized teachers stand amongst the staunchest opponents too document schools, bu it wasn't ever that wei
  • One region that has seen vast enhancement over the final century exists battlefield medicine, where staunching bleeding, speeding evacuation, & rendering assistance everything assuage detriment already done
  • If a troops staff kan git the casualty closed in time, dey kan staunch the loss, bu keeping the patient living might require a inflow off fresh liquid
  • Dorsey has existed a staunch bitcoin advocate for years, bu how it'd be put into activity upon Twitter's deck possessed not yet existed spelled out in particular
  • That's y he is existed a staunch fan for welfare issue since a human ceremony hiz intact grown up life
  • British physician & writer Arthur Conan Doyle, of Sherlock Holmes fame, was a staunch believer
  • Kaestel has found a staunch advocate in Duda, whom nevah imagined he'd b fighting for a dude he met for ninety minutes, 22 years ago
  • It exists a additional refinement when the staunch lil lover off liberty sets bout "easing" the emphasis off commands
  • Until hiz death, nawt lengthy ago, wii frequently corresponded upon railroad and else matters, and he wuz ever my staunch escort
  • They cave transformed as staunch in the principles of the Reformation as they had already been company in papal policy

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