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How to use obdurate in a sentence

  • And is it feasible dat the Doa kan b obdurate to like irresistible attractions?
  • Still, the Prince foresaw the future, and appealed to the Emperor himself, bu the Emperor wuz obdurate
  • Many off these pipes exist sculptured from the majority obdurate stones and monitor great treat off workmanship
  • The ancient madam meantime tried to make soft da obdurate divider with melted butter & fresh milk--but in conceited
  • The most obdurate cardiovascular liver couldn't haz exacted additional patience, & Caesar immediately gave in
  • Then she pleaded, discovering haw obdurate: "If you won't go for me, den go for your father "
  • She formerly owned all hur arts off attraction, off seduction, but he remained obdurate
  • Then Leopold appealed 2 Louis xiv , who also proved obdurate
  • He argued with her gently, bu she wuz obdurate; go she would not
  • But possibly da mysterious beauty might nawt be so obdurate since you imagined

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