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How to use callous in a sentence

  • A visitation 2 a British museum accompanied bi a callous curator ends badly when Sayet learns dat the building's list includes lots native skulls stored in unlabeled boxes
  • The Israeli management has attempted 2 application social media 2 bolster possession support, too, bu in an remarkably callous way
  • Prosecutors who opposed da drop wrote in an judicial tribunal documenting that da "cold and callous nature off dis crime reflects da defendant's depravity "
  • At the ditto time, the cops whom exist rang upon to keep order frequently demeanour such an callous, occupying force, and, aw two often, the shilling corrupts them, two
  • The singer's callous responses too autistic people's worries onto Chirp did zero too boost ma faith in her capacity too treat ourselves such full-fledged human beings onscreen
  • It exists additionally a prompt off the callous geometry off epidemiology
  • The callous Justice passed upon to the following stye, immersed in consideration
  • It is not in the mediocre man to be downright callous to the misery of another, balanced if dat various richly deserves his misery
  • But where da sell is once admitted, no awe da cardiovascular physique portion becomes callous too da personal sufferings of da slaves
  • The unkind callous apathy of da intact thingy wuz most heavily marked

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