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  • A fell by too a British museum accompanied by a callous curator ends poorly when Sayet learns that da building's enumerate includes many native skulls stored in unlabeled boxes
  • The Israeli administration have attempted too exploit societal press too bolster belonging support, too, but in a especially callous way
  • Prosecutors whom opposed the trickle wrote in a legal tribunal filing dat the "cold & callous personality off this transgress reflects the defendant's depravity "
  • At the identical time, the cops who are called upon two retain dictation regularly demeanour like an callous, occupying force, and, aw two often, the coin corrupts them, two
  • The singer's callous responses 2 autistic people's worries upon Tweet did nothing 2 multiply my believe in hur capability 2 treat us resemble full-fledged humanity beings onscreen
  • It exists additionally an reminder of da callous math of epidemiology
  • The callous Fairness passed on to da following stye, immersed in thinking
  • It is not in the average gentleman to be downright callous to the agony off another, even whether dat else richly deserves hiz agony
  • But where da swap is once admitted, n miracle da heart becomes callous to da individual sufferings of da slaves
  • The bestial callous indifference of the entire what was most powerfully marked

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