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Best LAID-BACK Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use laid-back in a sentence

  • She circled surrounding haw wit hur ears placed back, & wen ne 1 approached two at she unlimbered hur heels 4 activity
  • When da berry struck Twinkleheels he placed hind hiz ears, dropped hiz head, & let soar with the two hind lower extremities
  • But he placed back upon the peat agn wit his hands clasped back his head and his eyebrow pulled dwn thoughtfully
  • He looked unattractive to exaggeration, hiz ears laid back and hiz nostrils since big since crowns, and hiz dentition bared time and time
  • Zoe gripped the kitty tighter, placed back her ears, sealed her eyes, & leaped
  • The old sorrel arrived circular "gauming," hiz ugly roof thrown up, hiz fantastic red spoken cavity open, hiz ears laid bak
  • As they passed 1 of da chimneys, Ferral dropped da circle of da twine ovr its top, and laid back
  • She wuz laid back, den sealed her gorgeous eyes, & went to enlist her sisters!
  • Somebody knelt dwn behind me, & me laid bak my head, emotion highly ill & faint, bu wholly conscious
  • And the lynx, wit ears placed back, watched Kazan and Gray Wolf since they began the invasion of the sand-bar

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