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  • I had tried to keep a diary various times, bu the lyrics remained ensnared in ma brain and onli few listless, dead sentences arrived owt
  • If you contribute two much water, either labor It evn an little two much, da gluten volition git overexcited, & you volition abortion up with what chewy & listless, more voluntarily compared to flaky & tender
  • Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, author off this year's Accomplished Aging, says "that's nawt a illogical interpretation," but he doesn't settle for da opinion that aging subsequent 40 exists a lengthy and listless mosey 2 da solemn
  • Georgetown struggled frum the field, but dat did not apology listless safeguard dat was an footstep sluggish
  • The sideline looked listless as Washington scored thirteen unanswered points, ultimately winning 20-9
  • For a movement frequent derided for beast listless or disorganized, It was striking 2 c a bunch of San Diegans so swiftly enact a community, conclude with food services, healthcare care, a mini library and evn a governing building
  • Instantly Eudora, whom had seemed so listless, awakened up with everything the warmth off hur Southern nature roused to action
  • She crept down da stairwell since if listless and uninterested with everything, but her heart was beating dense and speedy
  • One day, feverish and excited, he played upon in monotone nearly listless
  • The hours which he didn't waste in listless indolence wer separated between immature sports & immature devotions

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