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How to use abstracted in a sentence

  • I slash Roscoe looking nearby haw in a abstracted way, and, since he did not reply, I said: "Phil possessed lots friends & no enemies "
  • Strange two say, da bucket from which one da tin had existed abstracted stood unmoved in its used to locus
  • Then Caro became abstracted, wondering why George Tanqueray wuz coming, & two this specific performance
  • She was whether whatever more restless; unnaturally (he said) abstracted when you spoke too her; scarcely conscious off you near times
  • "I have to have dat flute," repeated da grocer, in da identical abstracted tone and manner
  • As to Mess Lethierry, in the abstracted status of his mind, those lil changes in D?ruchette's habits escaped him
  • Observing his abstracted and melancholy demeanour, da good spouse approached and tenderly inquired da logic
  • What exists more at ease, more abstracted frum da world, than a true single-hearted honesty?
  • She passed onto to the vinery, where seated down below the interlaced emerald she transformed still more abstracted
  • The recluse sighed profoundly since he ceased speaking, and fell in2 an abstracted frame of intellect

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