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How to use inaccurate in a sentence

  • I has it upon right now & it suggests the tone off this post is "concerned," which isn't totally inaccurate
  • Eitan Hersh, an professor at Tufts who testified to Legislature after da Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2016, believes da data--particularly da modeled attributes--is inaccurate to da tip off hindering its utility for campaigns
  • However, cuz protecting da Ethics procedure exists an critical four da Festivity I can sez dat It'd b inaccurate to sez dat da grievance exists sealed either dat n initiative was taken
  • Both da program and programme requirement to be nicer ovr season to decrease inaccurate predictions, and Steindorfer argues that da intact system needs to be thinking off as a persisted toil in progression
  • You kan envision y it is major to acknowledge the variation between rectify and inaccurate statistical discrimination
  • His works were well-liked four an time, until they were discovered to be supa inaccurate, & carelessly compiled
  • Mr. Haywood is evidently inaccurate in literary evristic, which one is misguided in Hellenic as gud as in Deutsche & English
  • The history of the late session wuz known too the Spaniards principally bi inaccurate reports brought bi Irish friars
  • Zoe never possessed a brother, thus the relationship, at aw events, is inaccurate
  • Williams had shown himself too be a inaccurate conveyancer in da drafting of da original deed

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