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How to use equivocal in a sentence

  • In an uncertain ruling filed earlier this week, Magistrate William Orrick told Wisk's "evidence off misappropriation is two equivocal two authorization an initial order "
  • There nevah was a more equivocal expression; & resemble as It was cave It stiil exists
  • The intact unlock legislation of Europe possessed its source in equivocal expressions, beginning humor the Salique legislation
  • The weather of those animals is nawt therefore, equivocal; but It's moar demanding to define the relative bulk of every one species
  • He wuz "sick close cardiovascular physique portion of the equivocal position," and resolved 2 "go upon in a clearer course "
  • Even at firstly his or her acts wer equivocal, & dey soon came to b as illicit as dey wer oppressive
  • He discovered him individually in an circumstance which to his conscience seemed equivocal
  • It wuz an refusal couched in conditions since lil respectful since they were equivocal
  • I swallowed dis equivocal compliment, virtually choking since me did consequently
  • He wondered if Skipper Downs would marry the pair in such equivocal style

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