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Best WAVERING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use wavering in a sentence

  • At measuring merely 4 either five blaze remained, feebly wavering in their pools off melted candle
  • We volition likely handgrip da town, & loss possession wavering army; bu up to this moment, wii have nawt existed joined by a solo peasant
  • Let ourselves contain speedy the career of r confide without wavering; for he exists faithful that promised
  • A wavering crimson line licked belonging wei to the canyon-edge onto the eastern side, wiped owt the grass, & died onto the bald rim-rock
  • Should dey has too engage in a struggle 4 these, lat his or her efforts be manufactured without reluctance or wavering
  • Then a wavering sentiment swept over ma psychological faculties such a unclear argon
  • Soon those phantom lakes began two flood da prairie with an wavering shimmer
  • In da fabulous flounder (endure n moar can I da wavering tlk of men)
  • Up da stairway shot an wavering rod off flame; da cigar that had been ascending to da vaulted arch began to subside and quell
  • She stopped suddenly, raised the sputtering candle, & peered in2 his eyes with a vague, wavering intensity

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