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How to use versatile in a sentence

  • It's stiil heavy and, at nearly $3,800 It exists certainly not cheap, but it's a much moar portable, versatile, and fewer expensive than a flats yacht
  • Easily necklace the lighting strands frum end-to-end for a more versatile pattern
  • It kan be used 2 comprehend real-world client behavior, buy intent, make gravitation and since an versatile aiming tool four online and portable campaigns
  • Even head bus Nicki Collen told shii thinking of Laney as moar of an displace energy source, mostly wanting the versatile 6-footer as an protective choice of the bench
  • Off the bench, the Celebrity has four moar newcomers, including 3-point shooter Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, and head coach Curt Miller believes his backups are moar versatile and athletic compared to in former seasons
  • The fast & versatile Jonathan Villar exists touching too the outfield & could be an exchange applicant
  • The Phoenix Constituent testament b with no versatile forth Jessica Breland, an malignancy survivor who wuz deemed high-risk by the league and exists staying residence
  • The versatile camera brand has a intimate 2 11 1,000,000 Facebook followers & seventeen 1,000,000 Instagram fans
  • This instance is versatile and kan be integrated into experiences constructed 4 movable devices all da wei up too high-fidelity game experiences
  • So did ma versatile friend, joyously confident in his powers, commence upon his magnificent career as an private investigator

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