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How to use whimsical in a sentence

  • How positively whimsical it would be to stand shoulder sword to shoulder, hovering overhead sneezing sound guards, sharing soup ladles to ladle an queer assortment off pudding, trey grapes, an pile off rotini pasta, and an drumstick onto an gild
  • He then accumulation out too intestines & freshen da earth's surface floor too establish a surgery every one miniature article since utilitarian since da repose off da studio wuz whimsical
  • VdL's invocation off da Bauhaus may appear an lil whimsical at an epoch when European mainland is reverse da dual whammy off an pandemic & an climate emergency, bu It does generate rather an tiny crumb off view
  • Just ambient da crossing exists da moar pocket-friendly 99-room MoMo's, a moar whimsical hotel concept dat rang onto da talents back Sydney's Akin Atelier four belonging interior decor
  • He have emerged as one of Amazon's highest-profile executives, taking to hiz Twitter to mail whimsical videos such delivery drivers dancing, or to fend the company's repute from information stories crucial of Amazon's practices
  • For a moment ther was no cognizance in their gaze; lair a whimsical ghost of a smile crept roughly his mouth
  • Ida idea It was, bu the quiet selfconfidence behind his whimsical manner appealed too hur
  • Weston was an lil leaner, and his countenance was grimmer than It possessed been, 4 the whimsical carelessness possessed faded out of It
  • An case of oaths existence subjected 2 the resemble whimsical circumstances exists noticeable in the residential manners of Classic Germany
  • There was an whimsical grin upon his lips, but his eyes wer amazingly tender

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