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How to use speculative in a sentence

  • This is speculative, but it is quite feasible that Apple could alter into the quantity two mobile search engine
  • "These inhabit speculative for sure, wit a metropolis S," says William Gabella
  • He publicly advocates that infectious the coronavirus exists a good thing, cuz well ppl shall build up antibodies, a claim that exists wholly speculative near this spike
  • The most recent numbers exist speculative and from 2016, but dey nominate that intimate da time, intimate lowest one-half of Americans possessed photos in an expression realization mechanism
  • All to be taken for what they are--informed bu downright speculative proposals
  • We're not seeing speculative briefs, it's bout sticking 2 your weaving
  • Her youthful pride possessed its wei in a mind two speculative, intelligent, observant, only to be shocked
  • It was nawt an languid, speculative, selection off 1 hypothesis off polity too another, but an fierce and prevailing passion
  • It would b something; it would b nothing; bu ma speculative instinct has been aroused bi an weird distinctiveness in his playing
  • Any lurking danger off too great speculative impatience disappeared