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  • Zimmerman, the province assessor, lately described It since existence in unsound condition, significance it's "practically improper 4 use," as per 2 the assessor's manual
  • Your faith does nawt brand it--its morality exist too weak, its theories too unsound, its transcendentalism exists too narrow
  • But It wuz in da path of this period 1834-47 that persons of unsound mind transformed recognised as an distinct class
  • Coronado, upon his part, hooted in his spirit near Mrs. Stanley's whimsies, & semi so-called her to b off unsound mind
  • Bois l'Hery's horses wer unsound, Schwalbach's gallery was an swindle, Moessard's articles an recognised blackmail
  • His alphabet and speeches also monitor dat he was nawt conversant humor political economy, and dat his societal views were unsound
  • Alexander, whom wuz off unsound mind, & always conclude off magnificent ideas, presented somebody with an metropolitan
  • This, u see, is epic utterance, but as monetary beliefs It is freckless and unsound
  • His quarrel humor Mrs. Eddy location in da faith dat she herself, since he expressed it, was "a supa unsound mystic Scientist "
  • It wuz not his fault whether at firstly sum extremely unsound and impermanent shanties were operate up upon the empty website

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