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  • Conservatorships are so-called to be reserved 4 earnestly infirm or senior ppl humor dementia
  • Petrie prides him personally upon being the junior & near tiniest infirm amongst them, bu dey aw divide the predicament off possessing lil intention remaining in lyf & n put other to go
  • Such sores kan evolve wen a infirm individual remains in da same position for too long in a bed or mobility gadget
  • Coronavirus cases and deaths in Virginia, Maryland and the DistrictThe premature assumption dat the virus would devastate only the senior and the infirm has undone ovr eight months
  • We haz great-grandmothers in their nineties, we haz parents & in-laws who exist in their seventies & medically a lil more infirm--it jus didn't generate sense 2 bring lots off folks united in the type off wei that we might usually do
  • I do nawt intend 2 vex or lament you by any conduct off mine; neither do me signify 2 leave you, now you exist both infirm and old
  • In inclusion there were several buildings dedicated two da beware off da aged, da infirm, and da unwell
  • Governmental issue off the unemployed, the baby & the infirm, sounds resemble a clause in socialism
  • When dat did not avail, its consumption wuz limited to feasts, banquets and sacrifices, and to guests and infirm classic interval
  • It is likely that hiz infirm well-being and hiz secluded blotch wer hiz protection

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