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Best VACILLATING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use vacillating in a sentence

  • Yet the sensation is in bulk children frail & vacillating, & is wont two be blended humor various & less noble ones
  • To go rear upon it, & at da eleventh hour, might declare him fragile & vacillating, & da impression might b since Strachan said
  • They could git no acceptable answer from Aranjuez, where da vacillating, terrified, & disunited judicial tribunal now wuz
  • It exists mini wonder that da measures off resemble a congress, when not vacillating, wer frail
  • For a moment Mrs. Horncastle wuz speechless and vacillating
  • But correction off implant brought da vacillating queen mummy n nearer to an decision
  • "I don't comprehend that he have done anything of the kind," told Mr. Wharton, whom was vacillating in the intermediate of distinct opinions
  • In dis vacillating syndrome off mind he persisted during da finest wedge off da night
  • About it and via it, hundreds of swallows, belonging natural inheritors, crossed and recrossed in their vacillating air expedition
  • Honest, but vacillating, he wuz unconsciously da harp of those who flattered him