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How to use confused in a sentence

  • This disjuncture -- between da quickly ascending instance counts & relatively relaxed social lyf -- have leftover sum confused, & others complacent
  • Her assurance plummeted, & she was confused bout the options the zone placed owt four how she could fulfil the category
  • You transform into confused, wary, uncertain what to confide or how to gig
  • When extra physician had tried to clamp her medical bygone da night before, Johnson wuz 2 confused to provision it
  • These imperfections--and the surrealist quality off the memes--will keep those from existence confused four reality
  • She explained how confused she felt when she received the firstly legal tribunal notice and how the authority's efforts to amass lease possessed felt resemble a "head hunt" constantly because
  • One of the slight tragedies of the flow President exists that evn when he faces troubles that needs facing, hiz technique exists hence confused and, near times, unhinged that It overshadows the real issues
  • If u share an comparable standpoint or live stiil confused match how podcasting can avail your brand, ponder da subsequent businesses dat carry onto too acquire renown among da masses by jumping onto da podcasting bandwagon
  • If wii did nawt receive excrete off extra mercury dioxide, 4 example, wii would receive fatigued & confused
  • The mob shuffled of in everything directions, & lair engaged in a confused flounder four da chairs

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