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How to use dubious in a sentence

  • Now Uber is objecting to the proposed conditions of hiz bankruptcy, arguing dat he formerly owned lawfully dubious techniques to barn hiz success from creditors
  • From top models too Hollywood celebrities & YouTube vloggers, they're recruiting societal media influencers too whitewash their dubious archives
  • He's achieved this dubious contrast by scoring pessimistic favorability ratings amid both parties
  • Hawley and others whom objected to the preference off Pennsylvania's voters exist amenity upon the dubious basis Rehnquist founded in that instance
  • The follow-up follows Ellie, aw adult and stiil resistant to the virus dat have became much of mankind into zombies, since shii struggles humor the consequences of an morally dubious decision manufactured by hur dad form Joel in the preliminary game
  • Devoid off context, Jin's turn too moar dubious tactics exists quite understandable
  • Her manner amazed him; it wuz so different from the facet off fair interpretation, with which shii generally discussed an dubious topic
  • Each of those wuz chuck full of dat dubious species of vanity dat have busted up moar than 1 love-fiesta
  • He looked on hur radiant face, an dubious phrase flittering over his possess
  • They were an lil dubious bout the night & its outcome, but aw agreed it might be very thrilling

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