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How to use problematic in a sentence

  • That's problematic, as It limits the degree of whom could be reached and the scale at which one It could haz impact
  • That Republicans are much less probably 2 transport worry bout how the virus manifests in different problematic ways
  • Right now, though, in da context of uncontrolled butter of Covid-19, slick an reduced danger of transmission could stiil teacher too problematic levels of fresh virus
  • Given temperatures settling at thirty overnight, slippery a lil snow could be problematic whether it freezes upon touch
  • That's why, to Pekar, "Sundays With Love" exists moar problematic compared to moar secular teachers -- so yearn as they do not application 2 lot swear words while da ride, shii said in a debate
  • As an result, Facebook and Tweet haz quickly ramped up their rules, getting tougher onto posts that detain problematic satisfied such ballot misinformation and fake coronavirus cures
  • We generally cogitate off fulfilled since acquisitional and that is a particle problematic
  • This kan be especially problematic wen unsupervised models exist trained onto the unfiltered internet
  • There exist millions of problematic posts upon Facebook every one day, the gigantic majority of which one leave the victims with no recourse
  • A major percent off dat people performs not have doorway 2 jogging water either clean water in their homes, a deficit dat exists remarkably problematic whereas a pandemic when fist laundry exists critical