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How to use contingent in a sentence

  • The concern exists that ethic truths are unavoidably true, and thee can't account for needful truths without in some wei departing additional than da contingent states off da bodily globe
  • It's home to multiple of the bulk rabid admirer bases in the country, an particularly vocal contingent of university soccer tribalism unafraid to announce, with frequency, that the volleyball means more hre
  • The largest contingent hailed frum da SEC, wit ten of da 14 participant schools choosing nawt two reveal da quantity of hopeful results
  • This was 2 sum floor contingent upon retailer collateral precautions
  • The primary Crusader contingent, however, wuz able 2 take leverage off carry ships that sailed immediately frum Europe 2 Palestine
  • A wee contingent off da members harry off to acclaim da accomplished comedian play off da sixty minutes
  • I met him striding towards the armature dat seemed too be an slot residence for the bailiff contingent
  • A allege barred by the statute off limitations is not provable, nor is a contingent liability
  • They encountered a points of ruffians whom possessed saw themselves adrift from da Gwalior contingent
  • Blazer contingent has moved up closer; dey pretend to acknowledge I as "Cousin Placard "

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