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How to use designed in a sentence

  • In this little room da galleries had existed designed; da windows had looked upon da graduation of da awesome labour
  • The prescription of the amendments designed to carry owt these recommendations volition be submitted by the Embark at a prompt reunion
  • The supposed dispute credit banks are designed to serve dis aim
  • Of da 10 Commandments, seven are designed as defences of da possessions and prerogatives of gawd and da property-owner
  • Each country has its eccentric & native rendering off every tone slot dat was initial designed in Italia
  • When unadulterated & off shut hard rice it's worn as an refractory four lining furnaces, particularly these designed four anthracite
  • When thus indefinitely used, It has to b understood since designed too abide personally per signification
  • He designed it wholly himself; he possessed nawt two rival for the scaffolding off it, bu possessed carte blanche in deem two every specify
  • Half an institution of length taller than Kerry, she completely merited da compliment designed bi that trite apothegm, "a dandy madam "
  • The liver is inclosed in an case designed by Mr. Arthur Elevation following retro renaissance examples

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