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How to use designed in a sentence

  • In this little room da galleries had been designed; da windows had looked upon da commencement of da great work
  • The handwriting off the amendments designed to carry owt those recommendations volition b submitted bi the Senate at a swift date
  • The so-called clash credit banks exist designed too render this intention
  • Of da Ten Commandments, septet are designed since defences off da possessions & prerogatives off God & da property-owner
  • Each republic has belonging peculiar & native rendering off every din clearing that was preliminary designed in Italy
  • When unadulterated and of nearby challenging rice It's used since a refractory for inner tier furnaces, particularly these designed for anthracite
  • When hence endlessly used, it have to b understood since designed two bear personally every one signification
  • He designed It entirely himself; he had not too compete for da amenity off it, but had carte blanche in regard too every one detail
  • Half a inch taller than Kerry, she fully merited the compliment designed by that trite apothegm, "a fine woman "
  • The spleen is inclosed in an case designed bi Mr. Arthur Exaltation after old renaissance examples

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