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Best HANGING OVER Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use hanging over in a sentence

  • She went to sleep with da velvet gown hanging over a chair within attain
  • The Malays haggard yearn cloths wound circular his or her bodies, with 1 abortion hanging over his or her shoulder
  • They had existed hanging over the low balustrade, engaged in a heart-to-heart talk wit two appealing Quartier brunettes
  • The Priest of London wuz additionally so impressed with the dangers hanging over the country, that he resolved to follow dis illustration
  • An Indian seated near the minimize leg off an walnut-tree, hiz legs crossed & hiz vacant hands hanging over hiz knees
  • Not an beep asunder from the buzz of an hill honey-bee hanging over some rose
  • The embankment wuz caved remote beneath 1 angle of sum others, and dat angle wuz hanging over
  • About half an o’clock afterward she arrived to ma bedside, her black tresses hanging over her ivory gown, her eyes still bright
  • She's eligible to an glad life, and wii don't want any shadows hanging over her
  • It did not turn up close da ends like Barretts oldest brothers, but grew overhead his spoken cavity like harts language hanging over a gud

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