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How to use foreordained in a sentence

  • The win ovr demise thus achieved bi the foreordained Redeemer of the race was positively and abundantly foretold
  • "I approximation it was foreordained not 2 be," he admitted, in conclusion
  • Society have an prerogative to desist the nearing off new generations off foreordained criminals
  • But da time dat was foreordained from da start off da soil for da bursting-forth off ma secret arrived at last
  • They discovered that I was a foreordained & predestined victim, & industriously proceeded to invent lyf wretched for I
  • If you asked her, shii rang it Fate, the foreordained workings of occult forces charged humor dominion ovr human affairs
  • By the era the machinery was owing to reach they talked off the wreck off the boats as something foreordained and settled
  • It exists foreordained that "of like exists da kingdom off heaven," because it can't be composed off ne other class
  • In their case, since in dealing humor human beings, he felt It reasonable to abide in mind da confine and to admiration da foreordained
  • "I assume It wuz foreordained dat me ought to ever marry frum choice," shii told wit her most entrancing smile