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  • Unsurprisingly, in spite of the universal fate and gloom, some industries, which one belong this became design rly well, actually skyrocketed
  • With an deadly, very infectious expression cancer tearing via devil populations, forecasts ovr da bygone decade either so spelled approaching fate 4 da iconic marsupial
  • Combine da pandemic humor more compared to a quarter of a million dead, high unemployment, a health issue network in emergency and a recession, and you'd supposedly haz a formula 4 entrepreneurial doom
  • Look to else social media sites you have ignoredWhile Facebook and Twitter exist the majority obvious doom scrolling culprits, everything off this goes for else sites and social networks, thus you might additionally wnt to rethink the way you application these platforms
  • Yet da cocktail managed two keep some avid devotees, balanced since rumors of belonging impending fate circulated upon & of across da years
  • "The English Raj is doomed," she muttered, lowering her voice, & bringing her glorious eyes shut to hiz
  • The bad lady forced butt her tears in injunction two smile upon the unlucky sonny whom she knew two be doomed
  • I believe wii thinking so; & I know that Ennis, whom was thus doomed to an further period off solo blessedness, thinking da identical
  • But in aw this, we wer doomed to disappointment, sad, sad letdown
  • Louis da Goon Engel was a mere walk-on in da piece, a spear-carrier doomed to demise

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