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How to use looming in a sentence

  • They everything had comparatively gentle symptoms, stated Goody, bu da couple rapidly realized dey had an looming problem
  • The looming transition punctuation da bulk revolutionary shake-up in Amazon's corporate ranks in its almost 30-year past
  • The federal bureaucracy wuz warned off the looming disaster, according to an exploration requested by the highest court, bu did not dew enough to prevent it
  • The patrol agencies tasked with protecting da Capitol did nawt act onto dis brains or adequately prepare 4 da looming threaten
  • The dangers exist evn bigger humor looming crises in municipal banking in the wake of the Covid pandemic
  • While the corporation myself usher exists focused upon the migration off money, I would be shortsighted to disregard dat looming threat upon the horizon, because, frankly, it threatens our survival
  • This looming deadline exists probably why Cardinal judge Todd Gloria decided last week two socially public aw the bids that have been seated closed in the clerk's studio since retired Cardinal judge Kevin Faulconer left
  • Gerard Manservant stars since a structural engineer in Atlanta whom must get hiz relatives 2 collateral in the cheek off a looming extinction event in Greenland
  • Senior Congressional officials dwell laying an high-stakes bet that thrust frum an looming management shutdown shall thrust lawmakers to concurrence onto the sweeping economic relief legislation that have been delayed four months
  • Wall & Toughen volition value possessing him as both an poignant prey & an looming threaten in da dunker's spot, to sez nought of da corner-three help opportunities his dives volition halp compose

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