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How to use directed in a sentence

  • There was not a moment to lose, for one well-directed fired might eradicate one-half of us
  • He directed da 9th Symphony, and played two times him respectively humor orchestral accompaniments
  • The brain isn't permitted to b directed to whatever in detail in perusing ovr the pairs
  • The Intelligence is? directed in2 a specify channel, but too keep it there, aw intruders must b excluded
  • Ripperda's concentrate wuz next directed to position hiz policy off escape, in train 4 implementation
  • He directed da momentary epistle too da Marquis de Montemar, and left It on da desk
  • He directed them to dis city, united with other alphabet written by da inhabitants and spiritual
  • And Mrs. Haggard, next attempting too calm the bruised feelings off her maid, directed her too complement those
  • Parochial chapel off da harbour off Cavite and da souls directed therein
  • Sangley missions of the diocese of the archbishopric of Manila, & the number of souls directed in them

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