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How to use guided in a sentence

  • He shall additionally platform "Hannibal-inspired" dinner parties dat shall b disclose too the public and guided tours off the property
  • Thus volition we c da destinies off dis country guided under da citrus & scarlet banner
  • But in doing this, the function and strength off choice guided bi noise judgment at once asserted on possession own
  • When da enquiry comes ago an court, It seeks after da intention of da parties, and exists guided by It when ascertained
  • And thingy within her seemed to inform her dat in everything dat Ibrahim wuz doing he wuz guided bi sum supa definite sake
  • Her passion stimulated their zeal, and hur well-stored mind and captivating conversational eloquence guided their councils
  • Guided by Heavenly teaching, the fearers of Deity embrace method for declaring His majesty
  • She had shared their principles; shii had guided their measures, & shii wished to engage in their doom
  • Harry gave his brother the epistle since soon since dey were outdoors the house, and, whilst he browse it, took his appendage and guided him
  • The H2O exists no earlier gathered in2 a page than, guided bi the smallest irregularities which It encounters, It begins to brook

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