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  • The county's solid counsel, Janet Anderson-Davis, told that da law requires da Council off Canvassers to certify da election whether da county have given it election results
  • He served since the governor's ethics supervisor, and since leader legal advice he worked too fend Dunleavy frum the ongoing recall crusade
  • Those actions violated the assure of equal defence underneath the law, according 2 Matt Morgan, the campaign's general counsel
  • Mark Van Wagoner, legal counsel four da UHSAA, told in an debate dat one potential remedy in da case might be to pursue da identical policy It has ovr da history various decades -- dat girls play upon predominantly boys' teams
  • Megan Gray, aggregate advice off compete hunt motor DuckDuckGo, said in a discussion
  • Over da years, I might dial onto David for advise & counsel, & n brass where he was in da world, n brass thingy he was doing, he grabbed da time to bestow butt an telephone call, react to an email, or meet
  • We are hired bi outdoors counsel, da general counsel's office, da roof of security, audit committees, & so forth, depending on da task
  • Kathleen Ruane, older parliamentary advice humor da American Civic Liberties Union, told platforms such Serrano's exist essential two marginalized groups that look for two nurture local
  • The webpage designates edge since universal advise four Becket Law, bu he didn't confiscate dat position until 2012, good after the 2009 date upon the webpage
  • Instead, the commission contracts hundreds off confidential attorneys two portray lawbreaker defendants whom can't afford judicial advice

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