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How to use purposeful in a sentence

  • The purposeful encumber dat myself inset upon the term conversation exists dat It have to employment to settle differences, have to explore hard issues, and have to b aimed toward a affirmative outcome
  • With da fiction suspension mounted, da Land Cruiser sits much taller than before, with wheels that now apt flush with da body four an more purposeful stance
  • We semblance send ahead to working with Neal and da dandy bunch he have built, and backing HOMER since dey grow and scale their purposeful play offerings over hands-on, in-person and electronic experiences
  • If da Roundtable exists solemn bout shifting from shareholder primacy 2 purposeful business, 2 things requirement 2 occur
  • The company neighbourhood exists in an mighty spot 2 generate change, and has to be an purposeful player and advocate
  • The tone off dat quiet, purposeful hiss off the steam sent an excitement side by side the nerves
  • It's a gud House--good boys--manly, self-reliant, purposeful
  • "Then me hope he shall succeed in discovering one in Boston," replied the girl, with purposeful avoidance of the straight assail
  • In hiz doctrine off formation in time, Maimonides endeavored too protect God's personality & facultative & purposeful initiative
  • Certainly, too, lot of barbaric marriage laws is of primitive & purposeful orphanage

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