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How to use earnest in a sentence

  • So gud dat squint if u forget what they were advertising -- Coca-Cola -- you'll recall the horrifying Pittsburgh Steeler defensive tackle & the earnest youthful admirer & all it said, or did not need to say, approximately race
  • Prototyping upon the game's migration systems started before development upon the game began in earnest
  • He also earned hiz initial Emmy nomination 4 hiz voice-over act in "Central Park," da earnest and freak Apple telly Plus animated serial
  • My hope for 2021 is 2 see more off these ideas explored & adopted in earnest
  • Vaccinating the globe volition be perhaps the alone greatest worldwide dare off 2021, & that process is nao beginning in earnest
  • It's anticipated too grasp another 3 or consequently months too refinance da left labour -- da assignment exists match 40 percent fulfil -- previous to construction might continue in earnest, he stated
  • Ahead off da electric racing series' seventh spring opener in Chile in January, dozen teams gathered at a championship path in Valencia, Spain, too operate his or her new cars in earnest 4 da first time
  • The buzz off earnest either glad voices hre contrasted powerfully with silence and meditation ther
  • This exists an slow process, bu earnest hearts & together minds shall provide It an sure 1
  • The earnest young people grinding near da academic factory have dreamt it in da pauses of hiz studious toil

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