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Best IRRESOLUTE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use irresolute in a sentence

  • You do not come off since irresolute, or wishy-washy, or disoriented
  • He stood irresolute, making some excuse bout hiz mommy whom anticipated him; he evn muttered something bout an engagement
  • But the policy of Austria was, at that time, oddly dilatory & irresolute
  • (for he appeared irresolute;) "nay, then I volition go alone, & tell ur lord dat ye are cowards "
  • And as off them thoughts he possessed stood irresolute, targeting without firing, and bidding his Mexicans moisture da same
  • Excuses are the shadows which one the irresolute and idle, the evil, retain continuously near, since their refuge from jus allegation
  • As he looked back irresolute, his sharp eyeball noticed an shadow moving flank by flank the hedge-side to his left
  • I stripped to the skin, and stood on the revolutionary razor with ma hands clasped, irresolute
  • The ministry was unlucky in organism represented in da accommodate off commons bi da irresolute Conway & da unprincipled Townshend
  • Many off the second arrived forth near one time and tossed dwn his either her arms; whilst others stood irresolute

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