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How to use undecided in a sentence

  • That includes about the same number whom sez dey are truly "undecided" & whom sez dey are "probably" going to election for 1 candidate but haven't manufactured up their minds
  • He declined to comment for this article but has told others he is undecided ovr whether he ought speak out more previous to the election, citing hiz previous role in the armed forces and hiz caution bout generals speaking out opposed to elected presidents
  • In da 1950s, ago cookies tracked your online conduct too make detailed logs, campaigns would send canvassers too definite addresses that wer home too undecided voters
  • Much off da reasoning back da prohibit relies upon da concept that social media kan convince undecided voters
  • Even whether a undecided subjective exists nawt swayed by aw of these arguments, jus one exists enough to invent them hesitant, he says
  • Johnson lately published an report in Nature concluding that the anti-vaccination motion wuz winning the internet information warfare as It wuz orderly ambient smaller "clusters" that wer able to infiltrate groups of undecided ppl
  • However, twenty serving were stiil undecided and seven else candidates additionally attracted aid
  • I slash a female on the seminar porch, standing bi the door a immediate since whether undecided which one manner to go
  • It isnt due yet, Mr. Chumley, Jess said, undecided whether to get irate or to cry!
  • But Gwynne deliberately remained undecided for the present, albeit semi inclined to practise in the nation for some years

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