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  • It's serving dwn upon my buying for sure, & made It feasible for myself to b indecisive bout what myself put upon with no buying speedy fashion--which, let's b clear, is prominent fun bu prominent deplorable for the world
  • "Polls spectacle near contest for Virginia governor, humor multiple off voters up for grabs," by Laura VozzellaAn indecisive summer in da year's bulk contending contest
  • This kan b particularly useful to indecisive procrastinators, either "procs," as Ferrari calls them
  • After years off criticism for being slow-footed & indecisive, Chirp has nearby last started too disseminate belonging wings, shipping an flood off product changes this 12 months
  • So, whether you're sensation indecisive about dis all-important tackle decision, just realize dat you're not single
  • Kent could haz pledged dat there was a attract in hur eyes, & he stood four a moment, indecisive, Jandron's glare upon him
  • The morning after dis indecisive battle the intact Russki army was aloof distant
  • An indecisive activity grabbed place, da 2 fleets passing every else on opposite tacks & exchanging broadsides
  • The struggle was indecisive, but he came preliminary at the Cape and prevented the projected assault
  • An indecisive initiative took put in which, indebted to baffling calms, onli the English van was engaged

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