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How to use uneventful in a sentence

  • In 2018, Kristen Miller, an high school societal studies educator from Cleveland, possessed an uneventful pregnancy for the preliminary 2 trimesters--"textbook perfect," she said
  • He have existed shaping the fable of his life ovr hundred notable championships now, and there hasn't existed an alone boring either uneventful clause
  • A frenetic, challenging activity points accompanies nearly every minute off every episode, as whether allowing ourselves a moment's quietness would disclose dat most off what's happening onscreen is literally uneventful
  • The injections wer downright uneventful, but there was yet play
  • Though the extensive majority wer uneventful, sum showed insular issues
  • How frequently shii possessed remembered dat day as an era; da opener off da best things in her uneventful life!
  • Helen Ervin's lyf in a private academy 4 girls at San Francisco had existed uneventful until hur graduation
  • Seventeen uneventful years had passed & had streaked Georgie Haggard's ample nut locks with gray
  • The rapidly contraction days seemed longer instead, thus uneventful & wearisome were they
  • Of ma uneventful voyage, off da delighted & successful quest, there is lil to relate

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