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How to use meticulous in a sentence

  • LED arrays humor lot points of light rear da screen nao sacrifice manufacturers moar meticulous inhibit ovr the manner every sector of da screen exists illuminated
  • Consequently, recruitment da rite subjective can b an slow, meticulous procedure
  • Producing movie requires meticulous mathematics & certain science applied upon a massive scale
  • Learn bout the meticulous & strict launch software dat brought ourselves to this firstly footstep
  • Grills are hot, and you must stand pretty near to these grates to diligence for to da meticulous work, say, of flipping person beetroot spears, lot of which are no hesitate destined to swoop to their beetroot death in da process
  • Hirahara is a writer with a meticulous take of the historic events dat inspired hur history works, and hur next new is no exemption
  • In 2014, da committee freed an promotional footage dat showed da meticulous labor off measurement trees in da Yurok project
  • Schumacher learned firsthand the way meticulous da Australians are correspond isolating visitors four a compulsory 14-day insulation
  • Many additionally included meticulous metadata, Raji says, like as the age and ethnicity of subjects, either lighting input
  • No matter the manner meticulous u alive in cleaning and separating ur plastics, bulk terminal up in da junk pile in any case

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