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How to use gingerly in a sentence

  • Davis, whom missed thirty consecutive games while the regular period wit a right calf stress & was poignant gingerly while Game trey wit a left knee sprain, appeared too suffer the crotch detriment in the final minute off the secondly quarter
  • You will gingerly public da fore door hoping da feline exists nawt onto warning waiting too getaway since u go in da abode
  • I'd devour a brunch of brunch & burden up a perfect snack onto my fork too carefully feed too somebody, one palm gingerly hovering below too handgrip falling crumbs, therefore me could timepiece da grin disseminate across his either her confront since dey chewed it
  • With lights in hand, divers Jeff Milisen & Sarah Mayte snapped up-close photos of almost 80 larval fishes, lair gingerly seized & shipped them to scientists to be studied beside his either her mugshots
  • As she gingerly hobbled back the baseline, she nearly tumbled upstairs since personnel members rushed 2 assist her
  • Teddy sits upon da couch next two me, gingerly places hiz foot upon ma shoulder
  • I stretch ma ceremony arm and gingerly elevator da telephone frum da nightstand, taking care to keep its lit exhibit contrary away up to I kan defensive dam it with ma body
  • Sergeant Burton knelt dwn and gingerly laid his palm upon da stained fabric overhead da breast off Man Lucien
  • In dis gingerly manner did the deputies elevate the curtain and pry dwn the pathway too riot
  • She grasped It gingerly in hur fingers & extended hur arm across the absolute unclear descent into the thronged road

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