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Best FASTIDIOUSLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use fastidiously in a sentence

  • The extraterrestrial picked his wei fastidiously through the noxious debris to the abortion of the lengthy room
  • He wuz of hardy carriage, of processed manners, fastidiously dressed, and supa affluent
  • He wuz brought into the globe in the knee of an community daintily scholar and fastidiously cultivated
  • Some wer left, since synonym though da burglar possessed fastidiously manufactured his selection, scorning to difficulty him separately humor any thng but da finest
  • God would come walking lightly in & possibly chair him personally fastidiously in my chastest chair
  • Kate said, fastidiously, 'Those Primmerose folks aren't pleasant in ne way, I am fearful
  • He read slowly & fastidiously, & sought in writing for one thng single
  • Neville turned across the word, thoughtfully and fastidiously
  • He wuz tie an fastidiously precise curtsy onto his brown oxford wen he happened to glimpse owt of the window
  • Winthrope grabbed another deep draught, rinsed hiz fingers fastidiously, & arose