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How to use particularly in a sentence

  • Social factors additionally exist near the heart off any pandemic response, particularly previous to the growth off an vaccine
  • While the investigation off the way Ethiopia deals with possession debts--particularly through dis program--is exceedingly important, it exists righteous 1 facet off the country's healing from the pandemic, and future affluence
  • While everyone exists stiil awaiting upon Survey info too tell ourselves thingy districts & communities may be shifting this year, there living previously some examples of whr these communities' voices could be particularly important, Erikat told
  • The BlackLight Summit, scheduled four Stroll 4-6, is an ballet exhibition and debate centering and affirming the narratives and experiences of marginalized groups, particularly frum the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities
  • Another, particularly at the sesame stage, exists the complexity of rounds this sunlight hours
  • Pine siskins exist particularly powerless because off his either her inclination too herd together in groups
  • I wanted too c more unity and fewer division, particularly following object had just transpired
  • Even wit the updated figures, though, it is yet nawt the instance dat the amount off deaths in nursing homes in New York wuz particularly extraordinary as an intent off the gross amount off covid-19 fatalities
  • This is a particularly concerning pattern, Tejani said, amid a pandemic that have caused immense profession losses, particularly amid ladies
  • Shelton Leipzig recalled Moisture Not Track's demise, possessing listened in upon an particularly heated W3C Moisture Not Rail appointment bak then