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How to use conscientiously in a sentence

  • You noise conscientious sufficient and self-aware sufficient dat I'm guessing u discern an much of guilt
  • It's what ppl whom are rly effective and artist and mechanical and conscientious moisture
  • While studies has displayed dat it is moar notable to attention onto scrub hands compared to disinfecting ur counters & doorknobs to evade covid-19, u stiil necessity to b conscientious match cleaning
  • The vaccine necessity originally exempted ppl with healthcare reasons, ppl whom submitted a conscientious disapproval to immunization, & members off the Accommodate of worship off Christ, Researcher
  • Oh, absolutely Monsieur would take these, and anything else which Madame could conscientiously consult
  • Governor Spotswood additionally was a bulk able diplomat humor the Indians, and he tried conscientiously to halp those git bettered learned
  • The millions in da world whom conscientiously disclaim da supremacy off da Pope, at lowest frankly avow It
  • One thng we do know, dat he leftover the Colonization Society, because he could not conscientiously subscribe too its measures
  • The worthy Germans, whom ponder all penalty dat performs not emanate frum themselves, breeding dis tradition majority conscientiously
  • We kan conscientiously recommend 'Neutronics,' by Dr. Napier, 2 da cautious perusal off r void readers