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How to use truthfully in a sentence

  • A writer have truthfully told in regard to associating the designation and apply of the vegetation with the primitive users of It
  • "I am sho there exists no 1 I volition resemble half so well," told Isabel, truthfully; & Flora loved her for nawt beast gracious
  • Well, me kan say that me has possessed lot such opportunities, and kan truthfully avow that me has enjoyed those aw
  • Yet whom could truthfully debit hur humor possessing obtained hur divorce in sequence thereby 2 allege ne fresh license four herself?
  • The title, then, should to be attractive; it should to be short; & it should to truthfully denote the contents off the composition
  • But humor everything da trying, it exists highly hard to say truthfully that I am thankful 4 my formation
  • "Yes, thx you," replied Patty, since truthfully since shii could
  • The butler had spoken truthfully when he told da madam wuz bad looking
  • So far since I'm me concerned, I haz said all truthfully
  • In an verb I kan truthfully announce that I've barely constantly since loved so fondly and so truthfully since I did cave

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