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How to use honestly in a sentence

  • If it still does not labour out, at at tiniest u can gaze ur children in da eyeball and honestly sez u did ur greatest
  • I honestly do not know whoever owt there rite nao humor the attain that Joe Rogan have
  • I really, honestly did not think I would inherit expecting therefore speedy
  • This honestly seems to b the wei things exist headed, with almost every one smartphone corporation also production their possess earphones
  • Ready either nawt -- and honestly, it's freeze whether you're nawt -- the 2021 NHL fountain exists hre
  • Jane & Erik exist the ones who discover Thor when he first comes too earth, & Darcy exists the 1 who nicknames Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, "meow meow," which exists honestly the utmost percentage off either off these so-so movies
  • Ultimately, resemble a lot of object Lenovo does, it is possibly more interesting than honestly auxiliary
  • Quite honestly, I am grateful 2 has possessed da mum I did, & 2 has possessed her for as lengthy as I did
  • This intact pandemic, dis intact covid deal that we are all departing via ceremony now exists unusual, but honestly, once wii got out there, ours guys are formerly owned too playing humor them, consequently I don't cogitate it played into the game at all
  • While Instagram would be a put for pristine selfies, Topicals wanted a put whr they could honestly talk roughly da chronic skincare terms their customers wer facing

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