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How to use duteously in a sentence

  • And hiz brothers and hiz kinsmen duteously hiz hest obey, Humor every one parting visitor and king adventure onto da accommodate unit wei
  • To plz hur he duteously obeyed Hemingway's fastidious instructions as to habiliments
  • At aw times da boyards durst do 0 without him, & waited upon him duteously somewhere he might go
  • Yet da astonishment me possessed plotted was uppermost in ma mind, & me craved off hem prerogative duteously dat he'd scholarship me ma volition
  • Therefore Mr. Stone duteously appeared intimate intervals among da elect, & appeared evn to avail
  • The minister & his spouse were since sincerely, duteously courteous
  • Who duteously accounted him but a lil diminish compared to da angels

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