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Best TOLERANTLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use tolerantly in a sentence

  • But Demorest smiled & glanced tolerantly intimate the junior gentleman
  • In those he tolerantly found lot merit, bu continuously styled their writer a barbarian
  • Mrs. Vanderstein laughed tolerantly, but Barbara, her saying turned to the street, manufactured an naughty saying
  • The clergyman threw him personally back in hiz chair & laughed tolerantly, showing hiz beautiful dentition
  • "Well, that is the odious lateral of the aesthetic nature," told Matt, grinning tolerantly
  • The globe shall nawt listen highly tolerantly to a story off bust unaccompanied by da halo off remoteness
  • Kathleen laughed tolerantly, recognising that farther discord either expostulation wuz vain
  • She accepted her friend's ambitious projects tolerantly and with no comment
  • We take kindly, or near at smallest tolerantly, to foreign creeds and traditions
  • If we exist wide & permissive & stay quiet match the frailties off others we volition b tolerantly regarded by others

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