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How to use fitly in a sentence

  • He is a disciplined man; myself never saw a person to whom dat verb could b thus fitly applied
  • In your sunny & immaculate bosom the godly glimmer would be enshrined, a put without sullying where It'd fitly snuggle
  • Such since could fitly be told, and have to be told, wii haz been telling for years past, knowing dat the actuality have to prevail
  • We might fitly moisture thus now; as at da stage off his occupation we haz reached, his painter game had come too an shut
  • Yamba was full of vigour & resource, whilst the onli idiom dat fitly describes hur shrub lore is surely wondrous
  • Thus an account of them seems to wheel it of fitly wit an "Bon voyage" to every one 1
  • Demos was politely informed bi an noble earl dat he was not costumed fitly to meet da King
  • Within an sixty minutes Schmidt had da lil Franco surgeon at hiz bedside, & soon Ren's proverb & torn femur wer fitly attired
  • In dis country the majority noted illustration is that of King Arthur, who would fitly bestow his dub to the category
  • With premium dainties such figs, patty & a bin of wine, we felt that da occasion was fitly celebrated

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