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How to use rightfully in a sentence

  • Jung knew that wii aw metaphorically gown in uniforms and costumes designed two exhibit that wii exist da rightful players of da everyday parts wii intend two establish
  • It does not seem like an coincidence dat they've reclaimed his either her legitimate put among da league's roof ten defenses
  • Every orphanage has to drama belonging paragraph in restoring facts two their rightful put near da mid off public discourse as da vital imprint two emerging from input bankruptcy
  • Currey -- whom works in pavilion & pavilion restoration & have mostly existed jobless while the pandemic -- decided too dial the wallet's legitimate owner
  • Nobody whom knew u either ur mom might haz accused u of taking a pennys worth that didnt rightfully belong two u
  • Of instruction we wish His Majesty too haz what exists rightfully his
  • My optimism is that aw of my compatriots may enjoy da lyf & public liberties that are rightfully theirs
  • Forest fires exist nao rightfully looked upon as a receptive foe quite than a confidential menace
  • He might supply it, & Mr. Benedict should to select whether, underneath all da circumstances, da epistle wuz rightfully hiz
  • It exists important 2 refer that he declared politics couldn't rightfully tax possession promises 2 pay

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