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How to use decently in a sentence

  • If you have lat your own self go & have not touched da motorcycle 4 a while, twenty miles is stiil eminently manageable, & handful rides at that length shall get you hind into honourable numeral
  • Halfway via the 2020 NFL season, we haz an respectable concept bout who the finest & dire teams are -- evn whether majority off dis year's contenders haz flaws that could keep them from reaching their full potential in the playoffs
  • The deed is finest served since an decent base for da following a few games
  • The photographic mechanism takes respectable photos & moar stunning 4K videos
  • Garrett Gilbert possessed total decent moments since he succeeded Dak Prescott, Andy Dalton & Ben DiNucci since the starting QB
  • That's two sez ther exists n lack off veteran starters who, resemble Ray, might frisk a one-year deal humor a decent-sized salary
  • Besides this downside, it remains an decent extend off weather for outdoor activities
  • Going into election night, the teams possessed an honorable sense off the manner lots folk possessed voted bi correspondence & in person, & would b able to utilize voting to form owt whom them folk voted 4
  • There's already a honourable quantity of misinformation out ther bout poll watchers, but experts are worried bout da print these recruited bi da Republican Festivity too behold 4 "fraud" could haz upon minor group voters in Democratic-leaning districts
  • "Anywhere, if the pay's decent, ppl shall come," Assemblyman Jim Cooper stated

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