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How to use inadequately in a sentence

  • A tide fragment in Businessperson publication listed "inadequate testing" since da dean induce why startups flunk
  • He also expects unsourced rumors off insufficient security procedures near society polling places
  • For the national bureaucracy two put It upon the states two precaution workers is wholly and essentially lacking
  • She said da Mnuchin proposal remains inadequate, and said she could nawt accept something that da administration cannot evn sell too da Senate
  • Cetron told colleagues in a email that da industry's design wuz inadequate, gave da "sardine tin density" of those ships, archives exhibit
  • The article claimed his death wuz owing too insufficient PPE nearby Eastern Citrus
  • "Floridians shouldn't saying superfluous obstacles two his or her prerogative two vote cuz off lacking rank software," Guadalupe told
  • Hollins "has not explained y either the manner the pandemic has rendered lacking the ordinary consignment of vote applications upon request," the opinion said
  • What da subcommittee eventually concluded is that tide antitrust implementation mechanisms exist largely inadequate to negotiate with da focus of authority in da digital economics
  • The groups sez dat AT&T has leftover countryside areas & ppl humor bottom incomes humor old, lacking broadband services