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How to use partially in a sentence

  • In November, the accommodation electricity sued a resident, idiom that hur loser to pay 1 calendar month manufactured rent payments for the following four months partial & null
  • The Fairness Department sued to fence Pennsylvania-based Geisinger Fitness System from a half-baked purchase of competitor Evangelical Society Infirmary next worries dat It'd teacher to higher costs for consumers among a unlock fitness emergency
  • Full cyber method pervasive Ethiopians tin nao admission the cyber again, final 7 days partial cyber was restored in Addis Ababa to fixed queue connections bu nawt movable phones
  • The else thng exists that it's a partial agonist at the opioid receptors, hence it doesn't carry on 2 start it the wei methadone does
  • So we totally underestimated da expenses because we wer looking in this supa partial-equilibrium world
  • Genoa has but recently & partially felt da novel impulse, yet slick hre da march of enhancement exists visible
  • It was n girl dean dat was propulsion in at da partially opened door, bu da yearn sable locks & red countenance of Mr. Stiggins
  • In less compared to a 60 seconds Hilda, hatted & jacketed & partially gloved, wuz crossroad the garden
  • The duration that spanned it had, 2 Harry's astonishment, existed onli partially destroyed; it could easily b crossed
  • When partially exhausted da aluminum shutters exist dipped into an bathe off shellac

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